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I recently had some flooding in my house and some severe damage. My house is only 3 years old so safe to say, this shouldn't have happened. I wrote this poem "Gratitude" for the emotions and thoughts it all brought up. There was already so much going on and then life threw more at my family. But I am feeling grateful for what it has brought to me. Everything that happens happens for a reason. I truly believe that. Everything in life can teach us something as well. It doesn't help to see only the bad, think wider.


Feeling thankful and blessed

Storms they come and will go

We will cry as the feelings of doubt will never cease to arrive. When rain comes it will pour.

That's not just a saying, It is our reality and much more. Hopeless but others can help if they choose or they can ignore. Others can make such a difference , be our umbrellas when we feel like a misfit. There’s always a light but we just can't see. Hopeless.

With our heads down in the dark it’s really hard to agree. X3

We don't want to stick in there, we don't want to agree. But people lift us up Sometimes, help out and then we can see. Hope. Those people who help, you and me. That's what life is about so we can continue to see.

See Gratitude Gratefully.

Hopefully we can feel hope in the end.

YOU and ME.

Written By: Charity Aultman - LIfe Lets Try It Blog , Gracelikephotos.

Never Lose yourself

INSPIRED BY: my new friend James

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