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Growing with your Child and Learning

I had 4 months left of high school. I am going to rule the world, and succeed so well on my own. So sure of myself, and so excited. I was ready to make my own path and start my life on my own. I Just received so many scholarships and the way that motivated me and gave me confidence, was something that I had not felt in a long time. When we make plans though, God laughs. That saying is definitely through and through what happened for my life then and for my family. I found out one month before graduation that I was pregnant... 18 years old. I went from confident and sure of my success to the complete opposite. I had no clue now what my future would look life. Life was now scary.

What is life? How are a bunch of imperfect humans supposed to live up to other people's expectations? Most of the time we either say words we don't mean or we don't/can't speak at all because we can't find the words of how we are reacting or feeling to a situation. We can't expect people to be perfect because we all make mistakes.WE can't expect perfection when we don't have it. We also have to know what is something that we should let go of in our life or a person we should let go too…

I have made plenty of mistakes and done things I wish I could take back. Or more like I wished that I could have taken it back before. But honestly now, It brought me here, to where and who I am now and I am obsessed with my son, boyfriend, I have some family and friends who I can count on in many ways and I am blessed to be in the house and environment I am in.

Sometimes you have to stop your pitty party and open your eyes to the bigger picture. I am guilty of much but I have good intentions, that's what I truly look for and want. Be pure and good. … Or at least we should try our best.

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