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Have You Noticed Who Finds Monsters?


scary and dangerous.

They will hurt you and you should stay away.

She said one was in my house.

But you left me with that monster.

You say he's Dangerous and scary, that he will hurt me.

But you don't try to save me.


Little girls are so scared of monsters and wow do they trust so easily.

They are so naïve.

Oh how fast they learn though.

This little girl is told she lives with a monster, and this woman is hoping her mom will save her but she never comes.

Who knew how strange it is to learn about monsters.

Too young to hear what you say. Such mean things you say he did. Oh what a monster.

To young to be told about monster

and to hear what you want the truth to be.

I've met one she says

this monster lives in my house.

Repetitive. She wont stop.

Who knew what a monster could do.

He's made me Stronger

more independent

and so much more.

Oh the things I learned from him.

Never will you see this monster for who he really is.

Not like me.

Who knew

that monsters cry

that monsters can be scared.


and so much more than he ever even needs to be.

Who knew

monsters are so dedicated that they are exhausted from being there for others.

That they are so hard working and wont stop until it is just right.

How scary it must be to give so much and be hurt by those same people.

Who knew

Monsters are so




How tiring to be a monster.

To have to be so strong all the time.

How scary.

Monsters who support.

Support me

supported this person

who says this man is a monster.

He would still.

This monster is not perfect.

Are you?

He tried.

Did you?


Not a good one. Not even close. The worst


Those who think they are perfect

scary and dangerous.

This monster tried. He succeeds with so much.

How does one become best friends with a

monster ?

I guess that makes me one.

I hope to be one someday anyway. Or at least half the monster he is.

Why are monsters so kind?

This little girl was confused.

This monster cried.

Still does.

For himself, for me, for you, for others.

lHe's hurt.

By you, by me. By too many.

It's so tiring being a monster and hearing your victims cry.


You pretended to try.

You pretend to be a victim.

Still do

How tiring.

That monster still feels for you.

Who knew.

I wish I could have protected this monster from you.

I never really got to know this women who talked about this monster.

she spent so much time talking about how bad monsters were and forgot to work on herself.

She's shown me how someone can create a monster.

She's introduced me to real monsters.

But that's what can happen to people who find a lot of monsters.

Who knew

all these years this woman was actually talking about herself.

If you talk about monsters too much

you might just be one.

I don't really know you.

But I do know this

The monster you speak of he's a lot of peoples saving grace.

He's my saving grace.

He's my sons saving grace.

I probably never really will know this woman.

But I know

she keeps talking about monsters.

But now they are usually real.

and now I know why she tried to make him my monster.

too scared of what she really was.

Only if she knew.

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