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Living in Below Zero

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

If you’re near me, you live in a cold cold area where the only vitamin D you get is through actual vitamins, or artificial light. But can we all agree it still feels amazing to sit in front of the window when the suns shining through! I love being outside in most weather. I was just bred that way with being raised in an area where we had nothing else to do but be outside often. But cold….. No thank you… I’ll wait a few months to go outside. With this in mind, not getting vitamin D really does affect us mentally more than we even want to admit. For instance, I was improving my depression and anxiety up until December and January when it started to creep back in. That is also when it started to get really cold. I could blame it on the people around me, but no. At this point, I find myself focusing on how I can get back up without ever blaming it on anyone. If I don't, then I will never get better and will also find my self low and lower because I’m letting my self be reliant on other people and their responses. I

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